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We got back from the March in the Dark tour and it was such an awesome experience. We met some really cool new people, shared the stage with great musicians, and got to visit a bunch of new places we've never seen before. If you've been following our adventures on social media, you know that something else happened: Our van Bruise (named after his many dents and flaws) broke down in the middle of the night, in Louisville, KY, while we were on our way to our show in New Albany, IN. We spent the night in some abandoned parking lot (which we found out the next morning was actually a very busy medical school), and got Bruise to an auto repair shop as soon as they opened. The repair estimate was well out of our planned band budget and seemingly we were stranded in Kentucky, dreading having to cancel that night's show and possibly others, depending on how the repair went. And you know what happened? A bunch of awesome people started donating money to repair the van, others that could not support financially supported by spreading the word, the beautiful human beings from the band Brand New Eyes drove to KY to pick us and our trailer up, and bring us to the show that night...We were just speechless. Usually when the ship is sinking, no one is in sight, but there were lifeboats and jackets all around us, and we can't thank you enough for getting us back on the road.
That being said, we're currently working on shipping out the rewards and learning the cover songs from the GoFundMe campaign. We have emailed you requesting the song/artist names for your covers. If you have not replied to us yet with your choice, please do so either via email, Facebook, Twitter, or a carrier pigeon. 
Thank you again and we hope you're enjoying the new EP. 
Clint, Matt, and Sanja



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Sanja's Blog



It's been a while since we touched base. We've been writing since we came back from tour. We're approaching our writing process differently than we have before though. We're composing whatever we feel at the time no matter how non-Anyone's Guess it sounds, so we have some plain rock songs, some hard rock/on the verge of metal songs, some ballads, 70s sounding rock, alt-indie stuff...We're just letting it all come out and hopefully at the end we'll have good 30-40 songs to pick the best ones out of… Read more

Into the light 

A while ago I watched this sappy movie called "The Vow." It's far from the kind of movies I like, but every once in a while I allow myself to dive into Hollywood's interpretation of life. One good thing that came out of that movie is the line "Life is all about moments of impact and how they change our lives forever." I remember the moment of impact that lead to March in the Dark. 

Anyone's Guess had practice that night. By Anyone's Guess I mean Clint and myself, and by practice I mean the new drummer we… Read more

Things got really spicy really quick 

We recently came back from a fall tour. Tours are a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I know you hear that generic statement all the time, so that's why I'm writing a blog- to expand. In this day of electronics, when "getting together" really means staring at your phone in the same room as your friends, going on a long road trip with your best friends really adds some flavor to your life. Granted, most of the time we end up sleeping in third-world country-like conditions, don't get to eat very healthy, or… Read more