All good things must come to an end 

We made a video announcement a few weeks ago on our Facebook. We’ll be playing our last show ever on May 5th, 2018. It’s been a wonderful ride and we thank you for all your support throughout the years. We decided to, as a thank you, put the set list into your hands. We created a poll for you to select the songs you’d like to hear us play the most at this last show. We threw in some of our favorite covers as well, so don’t shy away from them. The set will be an extended one in comparison to what we usually play, about 10-12 songs so please try to keep it at that. 


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see you there!


Big News! 

Seemingly we've been off the radar for a few months now, but not because nothing's been happening.  On the contrary- we have been working very hard on getting the new songs ready for recording, working on the promotion plan, and getting everything ready for the new album. We have a lot to catch up on and some major news to announce. Sit down, have some cookies.
          Firstly I feel like we should address the elephant in the room- our drummer Matt is no longer our drummer. There are no hard feelings, working together became more challenging, and it became increasingly obvious that we were headed in different directions. It was decided that it is in everyone's best interest for us to part ways. That being said, since we've posted an announcement that we are looking for a new drummer, the response has been overwhelming. We have not yet had any free time to audition anyone, but we plan on starting this month- we promise. In the meanwhile, we have been enjoying the beastly drumming skills of our good friend, Don Cadman from the band Mr. Bella (check them out), during our pre-production process.  
          Secondly, our studio time is scheduled and on the books. We'll be recording at Alpaca Ranch Studios in Altamonte Springs. The facility is amazing and we can't wait to get in there.
          And now finally the big news. When we started writing these songs a year ago, we just went all out. We wrote a little over 30 songs. We narrowed them down to 15, and then further down to 6 we believe are the best ones. We felt the songs were so good that we could pitch them to someone way out of our league.. So we sent them to producer Brian Virtue. Brian worked with some of our favorite bands: 30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle, Jane's Addiction..and alongside some of the most notable rock producers in the world (i.e. Bob Ezrin). When we got the call from Brian that he wants to work on our new album, I was literally speechless for a solid minute. Having great songs is just a portion of what makes them sound good. Having an amazing producer is what really brings the songs to their full potential and makes them stand out in an ever-expanding pile of music. We've worked so hard and I feel like this opportunity is what came out of all that work. Big record labels spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on promoting and recording their artists' albums. We're trying to do it all under $20k, but we need your help. That is why we started a GoFundMe Campaign. It's essentially a pre-order of the new album, but it also has some very unique, limited-edition things that you won't be able to get anywhere else or any time after this campaign is over. There are things like hand-written, personalized lyric books, cassette tapes of the album, the ability to hear the songs before they get released to the general public, and a Live Stream exclusive acoustic web performance of the new songs only for your eyes and ears..just to name a few. We also have things like shirts, travel mugs, & lots of other cool stuff you can get a hold of.

Your support has enabled us to achieve some amazing accomplishments, and share so many beautiful memories with you and each other; It enabled us to release 4 albums, go on tours, get signed, record music videos, and meet so many of you gorgeous beings along the way...and we can't wait to see how much we can accomplish this time around. 

Please visit our funding page, watch the video, share the campaign and contribute as much as you can.

CLICK HERE to check it all out.

Thank you so much and see you soon!




It's been a while since we touched base. We've been writing since we came back from tour. We're approaching our writing process differently than we have before though. We're composing whatever we feel at the time no matter how non-Anyone's Guess it sounds, so we have some plain rock songs, some hard rock/on the verge of metal songs, some ballads, 70s sounding rock, alt-indie stuff...We're just letting it all come out and hopefully at the end we'll have good 30-40 songs to pick the best ones out of. Also, I've been very...I guess you could say stingy with my lyrics. Usually my melodies and lyrics are written at the same time, but this time the melodies and instrumentals are around for some time before I write lyrics. To me lyrics have always been about capturing an emotion, or a thought I have at the time I write it. My brain is a workaholic. I feel and think hundreds of things every day and I'd usually capture the ones I want to release in a song. It doesn't mean that the feeling, or a thought, is set in stone- it could change even five minutes after I write it down, but it's captured, and if recorded, it is stamped in time. I'm not sure what changed, but I haven't had that happen to me in a while. I went through this stage a few months ago where I couldn't even write lyrics. I would instead write these three-page dissertations about random thoughts I was having, then weeks later shape them into two-verse songs. Maybe I want to make sure that what I write is worthy of being written about, maybe I'm just not as quick at filtering what I feel at the moment, or maybe I am somehow subconsciously wanting to be in full control of my emotions. Whatever it is, I'm liking this "taking it slow" approach. It gives me time to look back before I commit to my words and call myself an idiot. It also gives me time to really focus on my craft and push myself beyond my comfort zone.
Anyway, this was a big week for us. I committed to lyrics of one of our new songs- 'Slow Motion Yesterday' and we'll be debuting it at our August 14th show @The Social in Orlando to show you where we're headed. We'd love to see you there. Hit us up for your tickets- for the next 7 days we're offering free shipping on the physical tickets if you buy them on our website by clicking right here.

Until next time, here's a little picture of Matt playing planes with the Widowmaker.

See you soon!



Into the light 

A while ago I watched this sappy movie called "The Vow." It's far from the kind of movies I like, but every once in a while I allow myself to dive into Hollywood's interpretation of life. One good thing that came out of that movie is the line "Life is all about moments of impact and how they change our lives forever." I remember the moment of impact that lead to March in the Dark. 

Anyone's Guess had practice that night. By Anyone's Guess I mean Clint and myself, and by practice I mean the new drummer we got (after losing our original drummer) no call-no showed, while we were auditioning the 3rd bassist in three weeks.  Anyone's Guess was just a few years in the making and we kept getting hit by surprises and setbacks. The players we've auditioned either lacked skill, drive, or commitment to help us achieve the level of success we had in mind. I was tired.
It wasn't the kind of tired that you get from a long day of work; it was the drained kind of tired that you get after you keep getting up, only to fall back down again. I was discouraged, disappointed, angry, confused, and I wanted it to stop. I needed answers. I needed guidance. I needed a sign. Clint was in the same boat, but he, just like myself, was doing a great job at putting up a front.

Music has not always been what I wanted to do with my life. It was just one of those things that kept following me, jumping in front of me, asking for attention. And when I gave it attention, all the bricks I carried in my chest would just leave. Music was my love, and just like it happens in any long-term, committed romance, I grew into a love-hate relationship with it. That night I stopped seeing my future with it clearly, and so did Clint. After a long 10PM walk down the dark alleys around our practice space, we ended up at I Hop. I Hop was our office. It's the place we'd go to when we needed to plan things and draft our musical future. This time we had no drafts. We just sat across each other quietly, staring at our coffees. And then came the moment of impact.
"Should we quit?" 

It rolled so matter-of-factly from his lips, straight down my spine. It took me a moment to swallow what he was saying...the way he was saying it. He listed all the reasons we should quit, but I didn't hear a word. My ears went deaf and all I could focus on were the fast-shifting images going through my head: my first synth, my first guitar, the feeling of victory after playing my first full song, strumming The Cranberries on the beach, backed by the happy summer break voices of my closest friends ...and hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful memories that comprise a vast portion of who I am today. That's when I realized that I was meant to spend the rest of my life with music. Yes, it's exhausting, expensive, disappointing at times, and very difficult to make a living from, but I knew that I couldn't live without it. Quitting was not an option. Every fiber of my being woke up, and scooped me right back up on my feet.

As I pulled out of the I Hop parking lot that night, my sign showed up. A faint melody formed in my head, carrying words "I know you can see we're both drained and tired.."
March in the Dark was born.

March in the Dark was our impact, our sign, and it went on to be the best album we released to date. It got us a label contract, three great music videos, it quadrupled our fan base, exposed us to thousands of new people, helped us go on two tours (with a third one coming up), and last but not least gave us friends and memories that we'll never forget. March in the Dark is an album full of impacts and maybe I'll write about them individually one day, but I wanted to take the time to tell you what this album means to us. And to all of you that are waiting for your moment of impact- remember that the greatest things come from the biggest challenges, and although the road or the destination are nowhere in sight, you just have to put your blinders on and keep going. March through the dark, because there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

See you on the other side.


Things got really spicy really quick 

We recently came back from a fall tour. Tours are a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I know you hear that generic statement all the time, so that's why I'm writing a blog- to expand. In this day of electronics, when "getting together" really means staring at your phone in the same room as your friends, going on a long road trip with your best friends really adds some flavor to your life. Granted, most of the time we end up sleeping in third-world country-like conditions, don't get to eat very healthy, or get to take too many showers, but there is something very special about forming a bond with other people by experiencing new things together. They say that human brain has a memory capacity of somewhere close to one million gigabytes. I don't know about you, but that seems like quite a bit especially when I can't even remember what I had for dinner yesterday...I do know though that the things that leave a bigger emotional stamp on me are the ones I get to remember for a long time. I can say that I will remember a good portion of this tour. There were a lot of firsts for me on this one: Nashville, camping in the Smokey Mountains, Ohio, a $49/night hotel with a clean, indoor pool/spa (and a front desk guy who blasted our music in the front lobby while letting us swim in the pool with Jack Daniels in hand at 1 am). There were a lot of other things, but we can talk about those over a beer at a show, or something (feel free to ask). Anyway, one of the firsts that came from this tour is that we got offered our very own hot sauce..and really cheap. It's crazy. Who the hell would want to buy a hot sauce from a band?!
So we got 6 cases. 
Anyway, we sold over half of the inventory before we even got the cases in and then on top of that, the fn sauce tastes good! I had it with my Mahi-Mahi for the first time and it tasted so good that I felt like I robbed the place we got it from. It's a sweet chipotle sauce and it tastes like a mix between a barbecue sauce and a hot sauce.
Well that's out of me now. Good chatting with you, feel free to stop by anytime-I have a lot to say.


P.S If you want some sauce, you can go here and get it. 

P.SS Here's the pic of that pool I was telling you about. Don't feel bad that it's fuzzy, that's pretty much what it looked like to us the entire time. Jack was there.